Take a look at NEOPARD Features and benefits

Speed up your connection

♥ Get NEOPARD to compress your mobile data traffic in real time

♥ Enjoy your Apps with a better connection speed after compression

♥ Choose your own compression settings and enhance your mobile experience

Extend your DATA plan

♣ Extend your data plan length when limited

♣ Boost your data plan speed when unlimited

♣ Reduce your data consumption and bill

♣ Save money on your roaming fees when abroad

Take control over your Apps

♦ Understand where your data goes

♦ Identify the data consuming Apps

♦ Monitor your Apps using one single screen

♦ Make your control choices and optimize your savings


Simple, fast and efficient

Data usage and savings report

When launching NEOPARD, the first screen shows, in the top, a Summary of your data consumption and savings, then below a detailed view per application.

Real time data optimization

NEOPARD is running in background to process the data traffic in real time through compressing servers.

Optimize / Block / Bypass an App

NEOPARD allows you to monitor your Apps data usage from a single screen: your can drag and drop any App to block, bypass or optimize its traffic.

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